Carène Deluxe Black Fountain Pen GT
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Carène rides the crest of the innovation wave. Taking inspiration from luxury boat design, the result is our most distinguished example of pioneering vision. Crafted in noble materials, with an artist’s attention to detail, its pure fluid curves conjure up the sleekest lines of a leisure cruiser, or the billowing sails of a luxury yacht. Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Finish
Blending deep black lacquer with a fine jewel-like chiselled silver-plated cap and golden trims to captivate you with luxury and vibrant style.
The Nib
The product of WATERMAN's creative finesse, highly-polished 18K solid gold is fashioned into a unique streamlined nib.
The Clip
Golden with 23K Gold
Item Deluxe Black GT
Writing Type Fountain Pen
Version Standard
Size Fine
Reference S0699920,S0699940
Ink Color Blue
Trims metal GT
Material Lacquer
Cap material Silver Plating
Nib material 18K Solid Gold

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