Exception Sterling Silver Fountain Pen ST
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Exception is a phenomenon of technical ingenuity. Conceiving a prestigious pen of this shape to not only look good, work brilliantly, but also feel sublime in the hand, took immense skill. Today, when you write with an Exception, you can feel the inspiration flowing from its charismatic lines. A Waterman masterpiece that echoes the magic of inspiration.

The Finish
The natural lustre and cool prestige of guilloche-engraved sterling silver is a vision of contemporary chic.
The Nib
Splendidly radiant, the signature-engraved rhodium-plated 18K solid gold nib expresses the exquisite touch of WATERMAN perfection.
The Clip
Silver plated
Item Sterling Silver ST
Writing Type Fountain Pen
Version Large
Size Fine,Medium
Reference S0728890,S0728900
Ink Color Blue
Trims metal ST
Material Sterling Silver
Cap material Sterling Silver
Nib material 18K Solid Gold rhodium plated

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