Warranty Policy

Will the repair of my pen be charged?

In 2007, we have introduced a limited warranty period. Our warranty is valid 3 years for Waterman. Possibility of 2 years extension on websites.
Repair will be covered by our warranty if :
  1. The defect is a manufacturing defect and poor workmanship. It does not cover accidental damage, misuse, "wear and tear" or the overhauling of the instrument.
  2. If defective products returned with an original stamped and dated warranty document and/or proof of purchase will be serviced, repaired or replaced free of charge as long as the warranty is still in effect.

If the repair doesn’t fall under the warranty, we will send you a quote for approval. If you do not accept our quote, we will not charge you any handling or transport fees.

Fountain pen ink filling instructions

How shall I fill my fountain pen?
  1. Cartridge insert
  • Insert the cartridge into the section block. Apply a slight pressure until you feel and hear the cartridge seat into place.
  • The section block pierces the cartridge, allowing the ink to flow into the feed assembly.
  • Screw the barrel on over the cartridge into the section block.
  1. Convertor insert
  • Insert the open end of the convertor into the section block.
  • Twist or slide the black end of the convertor (plunger) down to the end inserted into the section block.
  • Dip the nib of the fountain pen into the bottled ink so that the nib is submerged slightly above the gripping section.
  • Twist or slide the plunger the opposite direction to draw ink up into the converter.
  • Remove the nib from the bottled ink and Twist or slide the plunger slightly to force out three drops of ink back into the bottle.
  • Twist or slide the plunger back up to the top position to draw a little air into the converter.
  • Screw the barrel on over the converter into the section block.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe excess ink off the nib and section block.

Fountain pen storage and cleaning recommendations

How shall I store my fountain pen to get its best performance?
  • The nib should be stored point up when not in use.
  • The ink will drain down into the converter or cartridge.
  • This avoids drying or clogging of the nib.
How and when shall I clean my fountain pen?
  • We do recommend to clean your fountain pen between each ink refill.
  • If a pen place the nib and gripping section in a cup of cool water.
  • Let the nib and gripping section soak overnight.
  • Our inks are water- soluble and will dissolve with water.
  • Remove the section block from water and rinse it with a slow stream of cool water.
  • Gently blow into the nib assembly to remove any excess water.
  • You may now place a new ink cartridge or an ink convertor into the section block.

Nib exchange service

Will you exchange for free my nib if I wish another nib size?
We do offer a nib exchange service. Please return your existing nib and indicate the size of the nib you require. If you need a nib size other than fine or medium, please contact us beforehand for availability.
If the nib we receive is in perfect condition and if the new required nib belongs to the same model we will carry out the nib exchange free of charge. We do recommend that you return the complete pen in order to protect the nib during transit.

Pen repair process

Will you be in a position to repair my pen?
  • Nearest color, nearest modelIf the repair is not covered by the warranty and we cannot repair or replace your pen, we will return it to you unrepaired and offer you a Special Discount of 20% on a pen of your choice that is currently available. The offer will be valid 2 months.
Defective products returned with an original stamped and dated warranty document and/or proof of purchase will be serviced, repaired or replaced with a new product in an equivalent price range in the same color or the nearest available color free of charge as long as the warranty is still in effect.
If your repair cannot be covered by the warranty we will issue and send you a quote for approval before carrying out the repair.

Spare part supply

May I purchase any kind of spare parts directly from you?
We do not sell spare parts apart from front ends. All our fountain pens models are available in fine and medium nibs. In case you would like to purchase another nib size please determine the size required and contact us at SAS.Globalconsumerservice@newellco.com to place your order.

We do not sell caps or barrels for the following reasons:
  • The replacement of the required cap or barrel might not be the only repair needed.
  • In case pens are not black, we may experience color matching issues between the cap and the barrel.
  • All repair operations do include an overhaul which might be a pen cleaning, a mechanism check, supply of cartridge and convertor for fountain pens…

Shipment organization

How should I send you my pen for repair?
We do recommend that you send us your pen by Insured Mail, Federal Express or UPS to enable us to easily track your package.Please keep the tracking # in your records so that you can check that we have received your package.
Please do not send your pen in its original gift box but wrap it safely in bubble wrap.

Other questions:
In case these FAQ's have not answered your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at SAS.Globalconsumerservice@newellco.com.

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