Exception Slim Black Lacquer Fountain Pen GT

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Exception is a phenomenon of technical ingenuity. Conceiving a prestigious pen of this shape to not only look good, work brilliantly, but also feel sublime in the hand, took immense skill. Today, when you write with an Exception, you can feel the inspiration flowing from its charismatic lines. A Waterman masterpiece that echoes the magic of inspiration.

The Finish
A striking combination of rich black lacquer and fine gold-plated trims distinguish this refined modern classic.
The Nib
An intricately engraved 18K solid gold nib featuring a modern expression of WATERMAN's Ideal and globe signature.
The Clip
23K Gold plated
  • Writing Type Fountain Pen
  • Version Slim
  • Size Fine,Medium
  • Reference S0636930,S0636940
  • Ink Color Serenity Blue
  • Trims metal 23K gold plated
  • Material Brass Lacquer
  • Cap material Brass Lacquer
  • Nib material 18K Solid Gold
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