Expert Essential Dark Red Fountain Pen CT

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Expert brings smart Parisian styling to your business day. With its generous cigar-shaped silhouette and wealth of fine materials, it reveals that beneath your executive persona stirs a creative spirit. Let your vision and flair shine in your professional life with classic Waterman panache. Clients and colleagues will know you by your taste for sophistication.

A sophisticated, dark red lacquer complete with palladium-plated trims and a stainless steel nib.

The Finish

A sophisticated, dark red lacquer complete with palladium-plated trims and a stainless steel nib.

The Nib
Made in stainless steel, its nib is both generous and sophisticated. It proudly bears a majestic W, a guarantee of quality and creativity.
The Clip
Palladium finish
  • Writing Type Fountain Pen
  • Version Standard
  • Size Fine, Medium
  • Reference 2093460, 2093651
  • Ink Color Mysterious Blue
  • Material Brass Shiny Translucent Lacquer
  • Cap material Brass Shiny Translucent Lacquer
  • Nib material Stainless Steel
  • Trim metal Nickel palladium plate
Other finishes
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