Expert Deluxe Blue Ballpoint CT

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Expert brings smart Parisian styling to your business day. With its generous cigar-shaped silhouette and wealth of fine materials, it reveals that beneath your executive persona stirs a creative spirit. Let your vision and flair shine in your professional life with classic Waterman panache. Clients and colleagues will know you by your taste for sophistication.

A sophisticated, deep blue lacquer complete with a beautifully chiselled cap and palladium-plated trims.

The Finish
Assertive lines, finely chiselled metal and bold blue tone furnish this contemporary classic with exemplar Parisian style.
The Nib
WATERMAN Ballpoint pens produce flawless lines and never dry out. It’s an anytime, anywhere ink that gives free reign to your spontaneous expression.
The Clip
Palladium finish.
  • Writing TypeBallpoint Pen
  • VersionStandard
  • SizeMedium
  • Reference2093657
  • Ink ColorBlue
  • MechanismRetractable twist mechanism
  • MaterialLacquer
  • Cap material Chiselled Palladium finish
  • Trim metalCT
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