Hémisphère Deluxe Cracked Fountain Pen CT

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Hémisphère makes each moment refreshingly elegant. In the spirit of Waterman innovation, it redefines timeless lines with a new focus on streamlined simplicity. Striking clean design and noble materials come together for a delightful writing experience to inspire your most creative thoughts. What better accessory for that lively imagination of yours?

The Finish
An unpredictable and intricate pattern together with palladium plated trims provides a fashionable Parisian self assured look and feel.
The Nib
Comfortable and brilliantly designed, the expertly engraved nib is unmistakable in its writing experience.
The Clip
Palladium finish.
  • Writing TypeFountain Pen
  • VersionStandard
  • SizeFine,Medium
  • Reference2042895, 2042894
  • Ink ColorMysterious Blue
  • Trims metalCT
  • MaterialLacquer
  • Cap materialLacquer
  • Nib materialStainless Steel
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