Assertive lines lend a traditional feel to this contemporary classic. The collection features a generous choice of colors and finishes including rich deep laquers and fine engraving.
Designed and crafted in France to achieve a satisfying writing experience. Skilfully conceived for go-anywhere reliability. Smooth retracting twist mechanism in the ballpoint.
Stainless Steel
Expert Precious is an irresistible luxurious accessory for bold personalities.
Expert Deluxe is a marriage of contrasts: retro and modern, vintage but contemporary.
Precious & Deluxe
The alchemist's art allies these metals to create an accessory both contemporary and sophisticated.
Writing modes
Fountain pen
Make your special touch as unique as your Waterman. Choose your ink to match your inspiration, and to flow as freely as your ideas.
With a Waterman rollerball, you’re in touch with the purest traditions of liquid ink while enjoying effortless writing comfort. Attack the page with gusto, in 2 vivid ink colors.
Your Waterman ballpoint pen is always there when you need it. For a flawless line, it never dries out and works beautifully on most surfaces. When creativity demands spontaneity.

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