Waterman Heritage

Rich with over 140 years of history, Waterman Paris relies on many successful innovations.


Originally named the 'ideal pen company, The company is renamed "LE Waterman Company" in 1888'.


Development of the ‘Spoon Feed’ supplying system. This system is able to prevent ink overflow.


The LE Waterman Company receives a Gold Medal of Excellence at the "Exposition Universelle" in Paris.


The pen clip is invented, allowing a pen to be held in a pocket.

LE Waterman Company introduces Safety, the first completely ink-flow-proof retractable pen.


Waterman introduces the supply system by lever. This remains the reference for the next 30 years.


Jules Fagard creates the JIF-Waterman Company in France. The French branch will manufacture Waterman pens in France.


Introduction of the ink cartridge in glass by M. Perraud, searcher at JIF-Waterman. The cartridge is composed of a glass tube with a stopping cap.


Patrician – In reference to a dress designed in 1929 by a haute couture house, the design of this pen portrays the contribution of Waterman to the Art Nouveau era.


Lady Elsa and Lady Patricia are introduced. The feminine designs of the Lady Elsa and Lady Patricia unveil the contemporary style of Waterman fine pens.


The 100 Year Pen is introduced, with a unique 100-year warranty.


CF, inspired by the futuristic design of a missile, is launched. It is the first model introducing the now iconic Waterman clip design. 1953 also welcomes the introduction of the plastic pen cartridge.


Opening of the Saint-Herblain factory.


Francine Gomez is appointed CEO of JIF-Waterman.


Waterman celebrates its 100th anniversary. To commemorate Waterman creates the Man 100, a pen that is to become the reference in fine writing pens.


Waterman introduces Expert, a generous business pen with dynamic design.

Edson is introduced soon after, featuring a futuristic design with an elliptic shape.


Waterman introduces Hémisphère, a design that combines technological ingenuity and ultimate elegance.


Carène is introduced. Its pure and powerful lines are inspired by the nautical codes and recall the yachting world.


An object of fascination and desire, Serenite is introduced and inspired by oriental codes.


Waterman enters the Newell Brands group.


The Audace collection reveals five incredibly original and sensual feminine designs.


The Audace collection reveals five incredibly original and sensual feminine designs.


Perspective is introduced, inspired by great architectural masterpieces. Perspective offers a vision of limitless expression and modern elegance.


Waterman crosses the line towards jewellery and creates the ultimate pen jewel: Waterman Elegance.


Waterman launches Emblème, a collection that takes inspiration from the iconic Parisian Skyline.

Hémisphère’s 25th Anniversary

Waterman pays homage to the colourful and glamorous life of the French Riviera to celebrate Hémisphère’s 25th Anniversary

Waterman Pens Brand Heritage

For over 130 years, the Waterman pens brand heritage has both established Waterman as a worldwide symbol of luxury fine writing and assisted in progressing fine writing craftsmanship. Through the years, Waterman pens have transformed the writing experience into a sophisticated symbol of success. From humble beginnings to the unveiling of an exquisite collection of fine pens, the Waterman pens brand heritage is one that strives to embody rich Parisian culture, modern elegance and a truly one-of-a-kind fine writing experience.