Hémisphère Red Comet Fountain Pen CT

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Hémisphère makes each moment refreshingly elegant. In the spirit of Waterman innovation, it redefines timeless lines with a new focus on streamlined simplicity. Striking clean design and noble materials come together for a delightful writing experience to inspire your most creative thoughts. What better accessory for that lively imagination of yours?

The Finish
A contemporary metallic red finish, complete with palladium plated trim.
The Nib
Comfortable and brilliantly designed, the expertly engraved nib is unmistakable in its writing experience.
The Clip
Palladium finish.
  • Writing TypeFountain Pen
  • VersionStandard
  • SizeFine,Medium
  • Reference2043212, 2046260
  • Ink ColorMysterious Blue
  • Trims metalCT
  • MaterialStainless Steel & Vanish finish
  • Cap materialStainless steel with deep metallic lacquer
  • Nib materialStainless Steel
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